Why paver driveways are so stylish?


September 12, 2017 in Blog

There is much more to concrete shapes like bricks which is one of the feature of paver driveway that attracts the eye. The fact is that the paver’s acts as malleable fabric, it can move with the earth, and it is not prone to cracking. Pavers gives a valuable design tractability and aesthetical impact as well. Pavers are of a wide variety of materials which includes concrete, clay brick, cobblestone or natural stones. Pavers can be laid in different patterns only limited the contracted architect or designer’s creativity. Pavers are always in variety of different colors, patterns, styles, and finishes nowadays today, permitting a homeowner to own a driveway that is equally unique and well blended with the architectural aesthetic style of their home. There’s a broad collection of concrete pavers that are suitable for your driveways, ranging in style from traditional to modern. Pavers driveway and be installed alongside designs that are intriguingly fascinating in a stylish way with different color and concepts. The good news is that, nobody does it better than Cannon Driveway and Patios. We do it better than the best.


How paver driveways have more lifespan over asphalt driveways?

Many homeowners are challenged with the decision of whether to use concrete pavers or traditional asphalt for their driveways. While the aesthetic charm of the concrete pavers’ outmaneuvered asphalt.


These are other how paver driveways have more lifespan over asphalt driveways:

  • Durability of Driveway Pavers:

Most people feels that asphalt is the perfect material driveway with long life span, it only provides medium strength and often breaks down later from traffic and the heavy weight of vehicles or load over time. Pavers allows heavy traffic, loads and longer-lasting surface.


  • Flexibility of Driveway Pavers:

With the varying temperatures, most people are observes their asphalt driveways are cracking. It is due to lack of flexibility and the constant expansion and contraction, which occurs whenever temperature rises or falls. While the flexibility that the installation method of pavers provides, gives the pavers the ability to adjust with the freeze/thaw shift, and virtually eradicating cracking.



Why Cannon Driveway and Patios is the best choice for pavers driveway installation.


Paver Driveway is a beautiful addition to any home. Cannon Driveway and Patios offers a broad variety of different colors and patterns that can be chosen when proposing your pavers driveway, allowing the driveway to have a unique and one-of a kind driveway. Contact us, and you will get the best of the best service ever

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